Friday, August 6, 2010

Watermelon Daiquiri

Well Happy Friday! I've got a 3 day weekend this week, so I'm actually ecstatic for today to be Friday! And to my utter joy, I made Foodbuzz Top 9 today too! So thanks guys!

I think I'll just spend my 3 days off catching up on sleep, cleaning the house (maybe), and just spending some time with the dogs!

It's no surprise that it's been hella hot these past few weeks of summer. And for some reason, the heat makes me want to drink. Or maybe I use that as an excuse. But nonetheless, I've gotten a wee bit creative with my drink-making skills. So out came this watermelon dacquiri using some ingredients we had around the house.


2 cups watermelon, seeds removed and cut into cubes
crushed ice
1-2 shots coconut rum (or regular rum if you're not feeling the coconut)

In a large glass, combine the watermelon, crushed ice, and rum. Blend with an immersion blender until thick in consistency. At this point, you could strain the liquid if you don't want the texture of the watermelon in there, but I chose to keep it because I was lazy and I liked the watermelon bits. Pour into two glasses and drink up!

This was quite refreshing. Of course you could always just make watermelon slushies by omitting the rum, but I think the rum gives it an extra tropical feel, and makes it so it doesn't seem to be too hot outside. Enjoy! And happy weekend everyone!


  1. OOOOO!!!! I love watermelon so much -- I can literally eat an entire watermelon in less than 2 days...I know I'm such a piggie don't judge me! With temperatures reaching triple digits this entire week I think this drink would be perfect for the weekend. I will whip up your recipe when my friend comes into town, I like that your daiquiri is not mixed with 5 different types of alcohol. Less likely to have a lame hangover the next day... :) Have a good weekend sweets!

  2. I am in hot hot Texas now...and all I can think about is drinking something as cool and refreshing as this. Sign me up for one now!

  3. Congrats on the top 9!!! what a great refreshing drink, I love the coconut too!

  4. That's one good looking daiquiri and bet it is delicious! I'm new here and will be following you as it's so great to see someone from L'ville. I grew up there and lived there for many years and miss it. Congrats with foodbuzz!