Hi!  I'm Peggy, formerly of My Fiance Likes It So It Must Be Good!

The time came, and Andy and I finally got married!

So instead of turning the old blog name into "My Husband Likes It So It Must Be Good", I figured I'd be more to the point - so Feeding Andy was born!

A little about myself, I'm a mid-20's gal trying to make her dreams come true.  And coming true they are!  I have a wonderful husband and best friend, Andy, and two amazing (yet lunatic-like) dogs that keep me smiling.  I'm pursuing a Culinary Arts degree at Sullivan University here in Louisville, KY so that one day I can be the chef that I believe I can be.  I currently work at a Louisville mainstay, Jack Fry's and continue to learn hands-on information every day.

So while I may not post as often as others, I still hope you can follow me in this crazy world!


  1. Love the wedding pictures! Can you add a follow by email option to your blog so I don't miss a post. :)

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  3. I thought it was my turn to visit you:-)
    I wish you all the best and good luck with your studies!

  4. Great website! I too, live in Kentucky (Western Kentucky) and have been to Louisville many, many times. One of my best friends lives in Lexington. I humbly request that you check out my website at www.allthingshomerelated.com. P.S. Love the Chicken Pot Pie recipe. I have a Chicken Pot Pie slated as an upcoming recipe on my website as well. I hope it will look half as good as yours. R