Monday, October 1, 2012

Foodie Pen Pals: September!

You know it's good when it's topped with a cookbook - and a Julia Child one, no less =)

Howdy, everybody!

I know I was pretty much M.I.A. last week, but I've spent the week trying to desperately fight off a cold.  Congestion, cough, runny nose = not fun. 

Anyway, hopefully I'll be up with a post sometime this week.  But first, I wanted to share something awesome with you guys - Foodie Pen Pals!  I know a lot of you have already heard of this, but this was my first month joining up, and it definitely won't be the last! 

Foodie Pen Pals is the brain child of Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean.  You get assigned another person (not necessarily another blogger, so it's open to non-bloggers, as well!) and you have a spending limit of $15 to spoil them rotten!  It was really fun to put together a box for Natalie P. (she's a non-blogger, so I don't have a link to link back to her!), giving her a little bit of what Louisville has to offer! 

And it was just as fun to receive a box from April of Good Cakes and Bakes! She included tons of local Michigan treats, as well as some awesome others!

 First up, these great Garden Fresh Tortilla Chips!  I love snacking on these - they're so fresh and perfect party food!

 I was most excited about this awesome Biscoff Spread!  I know it's all over the blogosphere, but I haven't been able to find it here in Louisville, so it was awesome to get it in this package!  I can't stop putting it on everything!

Both of these items, from Better Made Chips are awesome.  I tore through the barbecue chips in less than 30 seconds - they're so good!  And the salsa pairs perfectly with the tortilla chips!

And some Trader Joe's goodies!  We just recently got a Trader Joe's in Louisville a couple months ago so I haven't been able to try everything they have to offer - and lucky for me, I haven't tried any of these four things.  The hot sauce is a WINNER!  I put it on everything from my eggs in the morning to chicken at night.  It's DE-licious and I will definitely be buying it frequently.  I haven't tried the vanilla extract yet, but it gives me a good excuse to start baking up a storm.  My husband dug into the chocolate right away and he gives them both two thumbs up!

And finally, this coffee.  I've had a couple cups in the morning for the past few days and it is a great start to our day!  Definitely a great blend =)

Thanks so much April for a wonderful first experience with Foodie Pen Pals!  If you haven't been a part of this awesome group, I highly encourage you to join for October! 
The Lean Green Bean


  1. I'm so happy that you and your husband enjoyed the things from the box... That Biscoff is very, very addictive! And you will truly enjoy Trader Joe's... I'm glad I was able to make your 1st experience a good one...

  2. Looks like you got a lot of great stuff :-)

  3. It appears you have some fun ingredients to play around with, Peggy! Please, feel better soon so you can be back in action in that productive and marvelous kitchen of yours!